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Medical Bill Review

REVUPO!NT’s  Bill Review Team ensures our customer’s  satisfaction not only through the proper application of efficient cost-containment methodologies for our medical billing and coding services, but also for the timeliness, quality and accuracy of our work. The overall experience we provide include utilization of advanced technology, operational efficiency, staffing flexibility and financial ease. 

We are staffed with Certified Bill Reviewers from the Philippines who are not only well-trained in the US Workers Compensation System but are also proficient in the application of CPT, HCPCS, ICD, NDC and Revenue codes for any type of billing from all 50 US states and in accordance with the latest adopted payment guidelines such as the MFS and UCR databases. Our experience in Texas WC has grown to having California Bill Reviewers who are well-trained, experienced and certified under medical coding experts from the US in order to guarantee compliance with the California WC guidelines. Our organization also complies with HIPAA rules and standards and undergo SAS70 Audits to provide our clients with the confidence that Revupo!nt is an extension of their office while we return the best value for their investment. 



Our clients, old and new, continue to realize that there is no better model than that of Revupo!nt's. Our trademark does not exist because of offering lower costs nor due to our excellent marketing skills.  It lies in understanding our customers' needs and our capability to adjust our solutions to meet those exact needs.  In doing so, we are able to regain lost leaders and gain new friends. Although competition abound from all directions, we remain true to our commitment in satisfying our customers with our innate flexibility and consistency. We play fair and adhere to rules and standards. Our success is built with knowledge, care and business sense. We live up to our words even when left in between a rock and a hard place.  But above it all, we value our people & gratify them in return.

Revupo!nt's ideal growth is conservative, realistic and altruistic in nature. We plan to serve our customers longer and support our followers' critical needs without being too costly as a business. We believe that quality is a process. And we also believe that our people are our biggest assets.