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  • Cost - Accelerated Savings & Benefits Realization
  • Mission - Deliver Solutions with Inspiration, Passion and Creativity
  • Goal - True partnership model based upon equality
  • Process - Simplified process complexities with the best minds and latest technology
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Medical Management

Peer Review

    * Early Compensability Review - Prevent the downward spiral of your claims.  This evidence-based tool allows you to proactively manage a claim.
    * ODG (Occupational Disability Guidelines) Review - Uncertain about whether a treatment is within ODG or not?  We have a medical team that carefully reviews documentation and treatment against the most up-to-date guidelines.
    * Medication Review - There is an increasing concern on over prescribing medication.  Our seasoned team of medical professionals can review your files to assess the current medication regimen and its efficacy, and recommend a regimen that follows the appropriate treatment guidelines.
    * General Liability Review - Similar to a workers’ compensation peer review, we review documentation pertinent to the claim including invoices billed to the carrier and address whatever concerns you have for your claim utilizing evidence-based medicine.

Designated Doctor Examination

    * DWC32 processing
    * Claim summarization for DDEs
    * Appointment follow up
    * DDE Report retrieval
    * Designated Doctor Examination Report Analysis
    * Impairment Rating Review

Independent Medical Examination (IMEs)/Required Medical Examination (RMEs)

    * DWC22 processing
    * Claim summarization for IMEs/RMEs
    * Appointment follow up
    * IME/RME Report retrieval
    * Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) scheduling and report retrieval to include with RME documentation

Independent Review Organization (IROs)

    * Online IRO qualification and processing
    * Claim Summarization for IROs
    * IRO Report retrieval

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