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  • Welcome to Revupo!nt
  • Cost - Accelerated Savings & Benefits Realization
  • Mission - Deliver Solutions with Inspiration, Passion and Creativity
  • Goal - True partnership model based upon equality
  • Process - Simplified process complexities with the best minds and latest technology
  • Vision - Limitless customer & organizational support
  • Performance -Access to world-class innovation and cross-functional integration

Onsite Staffing



In line with its Mission, the Haribon program was specifically created by our very own CEO, Mr. Rodante S. Lucas Jr., for the purpose of delivering quality plug-and-play services to our U.S. Clients, by flying our very own elite group, named the Haribon directly to the client’s facility.


The logo was designed to resemble the long-lived relationship between the Philippines and the United States of America, wherein the emerging eagle head represents the local Haring Ibon “Haribon”, the 3 stars as Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao and the red, blue & white colors from the U.S. flag. The Haribon logo is a derivative of our Revupo!nt logo, and will be worn as a pin during representations.


The Vision is to fly out more and more Haribon’s to the U.S., in order to serve our clients more effectively and cater to those who are reluctant to offshore their business outside of the United States.


As Revupo!nt Company Inc., continues to hold the pioneer status in offshoring Worker’s Compensation related claims and Medical Bill Review Services, the Haribon will be another first to its long list of achievements. 


The Haribon badge is intended for associates who are self-sufficient, flexible & driven.