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Workers Compensation

REVUPO!NT’s Bill Review Team ensures our customer’s  satisfaction not only through the correct application of efficient cost-containment methodologies for our medical billing and coding services, but also for the timeliness, quality and accuracy of our work. The overall experience that we provide our customers include utilization of advanced technology, operational efficiency, staffing flexibility and financial ease.

We are staffed with Certified Bill Reviewers from the Philippines who are not only well-trained in the US Workers Compensation System but are also proficient in the application of CPT, HCPCS, ICD, NDC and Revenue codes for any type of billing from all 50 US states and in accordance with the latest adopted payment guidelines such as the MFS and UCR databases. Our experience in Texas WC has grown to having California Bill Reviewers who are well-trained, experienced and certified under medical coding experts from the US in order to guarantee compliance with the California WC guidelines. Our organization continuously complies with HIPAA rules and standards and undergoes SAS70 Audits to provide our clients the confidence that we are an extension of their office while we return the best value for their investment.

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REVUPO!NT’s Experienced Claims Analysts and Trained Medical Professionals process medical necessity reviews from the onset of a claim up to the decision making stages. Our Utilization Review Team comes from a group of Certified Bill Reviewers and Trained Medical Professionals who understand the deep connection between bill review and preauthorization in Workers Compensation. They are trained not only  to understand the rules but use the most appropriate Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines/ Medical Treatment Guidelines in making recommendations and decisions on any request, may it be for physical medicine, diagnostics, medications or surgical procedures. Our Utilization Review Team ensures overall customer satisfaction with our in depth knowledge of the State Fund's goals, rules and guidelines and the strict implementation thereof of all these measures for the achievement of the system’s goals.

>   Preauthorization

>   Nurse Case Management

>  Telephonic Case Management


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REVUPO!NT’s Trained Medical Professionals review, analyze, organize and summarize medical records needed for any type of medical insurance reporting such as IME, AME, RME, DDE, Peer Review, IRO or dispute resolutions and the likes. Aside from Data Preparation (data organization, data cleansing, sorting, removal of unnecessary and duplicate pages, abstraction & summarization of services rendered), our Records' Team prepare medical reports that provide recommendations in formulating medical decisions using EBM citations that are specific to the request or injury.

This kind of records management reduces waste of resources and aid efforts on electronic health initiatives by the US government.


o    Records Management

o    Abstraction and Summaries

o    Report Preparation and Citations


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REVUPO!NT's Client Support Specialists have a proven capability to alleviate our customers from any administrative burden that may be costly and incidentally reduce their bottom line. Our Bill Review Team's Client Support Staff are trained to handle and correct the basic and up to the most complex errors to relieve our customers from compliance issues and state penalties. Immediate corrections of State Reporting Errors are done by our experienced staff to allow for more time on the more tedious processes.

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In line with REVUPO!NT's Mission, the Haribon program was specifically designed by our very own CEO, Mr. Rodante S. Lucas Jr., for the purpose of delivering quality plug-and-play services to our U.S. Clients, by flying our very own elite group, named the Haribons, directly to the client’s facility.

The logo was designed to resemble the long-lived relationship between the Philippines and the United States of America, wherein the emerging eagle head represents the local Haring Ibon “Haribon”, the 3 stars as Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao and the red, blue & white colors from the U.S. flag. The Haribon logo is a derivative of our Revupo!nt logo and will be worn as a pin during representations.

The Vision is to fly out more and more Haribon’s to the U.S. in order to serve our clients more effectively and cater to those who are reluctant to offshore their business outside of the US.

As Revupo!nt Company Inc. continues to hold the pioneer status in offshored Worker’s Compensation related claims and Medical Bill Review Services, the Haribon will be another first to its long list of achievements.

The Haribon badge is intended for associates who are self-sufficient, flexible & driven.  

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